D&AD New Blood Festival 2015

This year's wave of D&AD New Blooders pop into the studio for a tour and presentation

It's that time of year again! Early July sees hundreds of creative graduates temporarily migrate to East London to showcase their work at D&AD's New Blood Festival.

Whilst the next wave of creative talent are gathered en masse, D&AD programme a series of behind-the-scenes events hosted by some of the greatest local studios, agencies and minds.

In what has become something of an annual tradition, onedotzero HQ will open their doors for studio tours once again. Members of the team will deliver a presentation on the increasingly blurred lines between art practice and brand activation, offering graduates a unique insight into onedotzero’s work in moving image, digital installation and interactive design over the past 18 years.

If you're part of D+AD New Blood 2015 and don't want to miss out, grab your space by heading over here. Our only request – bring an object (real or imagined) that you feel best describes your practice.

We're looking forward to meeting everyone!