From robotic tables to retail installations to art parties, 2015 was a year of innovation and collaboration - working alongside a multitude of agencies including Atomic London, Archimedia, Dentsu, Not Actual Size, Wasserman, Proud Robinson, W Communications, Le Book

Here are a few select projects:

Having delivered the concept, design and art direction of a three-storey product space for Nike Women's Running when they hosted their first London-based retailer association meeting in 2014, Spring kicked off with a new Nike collaboration. onedotzero designed and delivered two product showcase areas at the Football Spring Showcase for the unveil of the ’shine through' Nike Football Footwear Highlight Pack, Revolution Jacket apparel and Nike FootballX boots at St. George’s Park - home of the English FA.

In June we debuted an exciting new data installation, commissioned by Twitter to feature in the Tweet Suite at Cannes Lions 2015. Driven by code, robotics, electromagnetism and engineering, thousands of ball bearings move rhythmically across the surface of the table to visualise five of Twitter's key campaign's from 2014-15. onedotzero pulled together a collaborative team of 20 craftsmen over six weeks, combining talent from the Interactive Architecture Lab of the Bartlett, UCL, with the strategic thinking and data science of the team at Twitter. The table is now a permanent resident at Twitter’s San Francisco HQ.

Cancer Research UK + Francis Crick Institute
Working with design and development partners Sennep to deliver an elegant digital solution, onedotzero created an interactive fundraising application in the form of a generative helix, commissioned by Atomic London for Cancer Research UK and the Francis Crick Institute.

Aichi-Ken Kyosai
Japanese agency Dentsu approached onedotzero with an opportunity to pitch on the design of a new logo mark for their client Aichi-ken Kyosai's Life Insurance and Fire Insurance brand. onedotzero selected and collaborated with leading design agency Hawaii who designed and developed a series of different routes the logo could take and ultimately won the pitch.

After many months of pitching, onedotzero won the pitch for the launch of Sky’s next generation home entertainment system Sky Q. Sky commissioned onedotzero to design a series of powerful live experiences that immerse audiences across the UK in the Sky Q brand as part of their overall experiential activations. Production took place throughout 2015 for launch in February 2016, at Sky’s Iconic store in Westfield London, Sky at the O2, and numerous retail and internal sites across the UK and ROI.

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Cultural events and educational projects remain a core part of our DNA, and continued to take us on adventures both locally and internationally…

Our Creative Director Shane Walter had a fun Spring/Summer attending festivals across Europe to chair panel discussions, deliver talks, judge competitions and present the latest screening programme onedotzero_select at STRP in Eindhoven, RESONATE in Belgrade, FIMG in Girona and Transmit in Prague. onedotzero_select went on to be screened at roBOt Festival in Bologna and SUNY Cobleskil state university in New York.

Closer to home we curated screenings, talks and installations for partner events...

We teamed up with Convergence - London's festival of music, art and technology to present an afternoon of panel discussions, GIFs, screenings and the latest immersive installation by Marshmallow Laser Feast.

We returned to Shoreditch House with a second series of talks for members, this time focussed on the intersection of art and commerce, inviting artists and creators to speak about their work which is pushing the boundaries of experiential marketing and brand activation. Invited artists included Rachel Wingfield of Loop.pH and Ruairi Glynn, installation artist and Director of the Interactive Architecture Department at the Bartlett, UCL.

For NOW Gallery's first anniversary art party we curated an evening of audiovisual interventions that questioned perceptions of the city and discussed themes of urbanism across the gallery's key spaces, including a moving light-based response to Alex Chinneck’s sculptural installation ‘Straight jacket star jumps’.

In Autumn our popular party series London's creative and digital communities #dotdotdot returned for a one-off night of talks, demos, screenings, performance and random chit chat in collaboration with Protein at their event space in Shoreditch. Special shout-out to 9squares for reimagining the #dotdotdot identity in full GIF glory.
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Late in summer our Managing Director Sophie Walter returned to Johannesburg with Senior Producer Simone Sebastian to deliver the second instalment of onedotzero’s educational programme cascade_ZA in collaboration with the British Council and Fak’ugesi Digital Innovation Festival. Simone also joined a panel discussion on creative collaboration and image making alongside South African artists Nirma Madhoo-Chipps and Tabita Rezaire.

In what has become something of an annual tradition, onedotzero opened its doors to 15 lucky D&AD New Blooders for exclusive studio tours in July. Senior Producer Simone Sebastian delivered a presentation on the increasingly blurred lines between art practice and brand activation, offering graduates a unique insight into onedotzero’s work in moving image, digital installation and interactive design.

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As a digital provocateur, onedotzero's Creative Director Shane Walter is regularly invited to write for some of the industry's leading publications.

In 2015 he wrote articles that decoded the DNA of creativity for The Drum, suggested what the games world can teach the AV industry for AV Magazine and shone the spotlight on the visionary work of Universal Everything for Varoom 31 and animation megastar David OReilly for Varoom 29.

March saw the launch of Communication Design: Insights from the Creative Industries - a major overview of the communication design industry produced by our friends Derek Yates and Jessie Price for the publisher Bloomsbury/Fairchild. The book features interviews and case studies from studios and individual practitioners including a contribution to Chapter 2 on Motion Graphics by Shane Walter.
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As a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, Shane Walter contributes to the judging each year of the Webby Awards.

Shane also attended Girona’s international festival of projection mapping FIMG as a member of the jury of the open mapping contest. The winner’s work was projected on facades and buildings across the beautiful Spanish city.

onedotzero's Managing Director Sophie Walter joined a stellar panel of judges to pick a winner in the Interactive : Original category of the BAFTA Children's Awards 2015.

LE BOOK and onedotzero co-hosted a prestigious panel of jurors from advertising agencies and brands who reviewed a showcase of exhibitors work for the 'Digital' category for their London CONNECTIONS event in November.
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If you've not checked out our showreel yet, do it now! It's two tantalizing minutes packed with highlights from some of the most memorable events, exhibitions and experiences we have commissioned, curated and produced.
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