Letchworth 'Fire + Fright' Festival

onedotzero have partnered with Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation to deliver a series of events and interventions for the inaugural Letchworth ‘Fire & Fright Festival’, which runs from October 28 – November 5 2014.

Part of this program includes a new commission, a show-stopping new site-specific installation by Loop.pH. Entitled ‘Atmeture’, the architectural light piece will be constructed on Letchworth’s Broadway Gardens, and will act as a centrepiece for the Festival. Constructed out of their innovative archilace technique, ‘Atmeture’ will animate on key nights of the festival with the addition of transparent inflatable membranes, creating an effect of dynamic breathing architecture.

Other onedotzero-curated activities at Letchworth ‘Fire & Fright’ Festival include a GPS Drawing workshop led by artist Jeremy Wood, a Multimedia Storytelling workshop let by artist/educator Rob Pyecroft-Rainbow, and a Light Painting workshop led by photographer Ian Hobson.

Key Dates:
Tuesday, Oct 28 - Wednesday, Nov 5 2014 - 
Letchworth 'Fire & Fright' Festival

4pm - 8pm, Wednesday Oct 28 - 
Light Painting Workshop with Ian Hobston

10am - 3pm, Saturday Nov 1 - 
Multimedia Storytelling Workshop with Rob Pyecroft-Rainbow

10am - 3pm, Saturday Nov 1 - 
GPS Drawing Workshop with Jeremy Wood