Run Wrake RIP

Where do I start to write about Run Wrake after such devastating news that this master animator and visualizer has passed away. He has a unique legacy of masterful work with a trail of inspiration for many around the world. His work across animation, visuals, illustration and design will never be forgotten and surely never matched due to its distinctive style, mood, feeling and direction. Everything Run Wrake made was inevitably so Run Wrake – it was unmistakable in its personality and the pleasure it brought. Just look at his biography – his journey was full of amazing work more often than not twinned with music that was so important to him.

It was a pleasure to show his projects over the years at the onedotzero festivals, having him as a guest on our travels – which included his first trip to Japan in 2002. We commissioned his work for tour visuals for U2, the Rolling Stones and more, produced promos together for the Asian Dub Foundation and he was featured in the onedotzero motion blur2 book. We have a free PDF download of his chapter run wrake.

To pick out one piece of work would deny anyone reading this the chance to see all his work as one oeuvre. As with any great artist it is not about one work alone but how the entire body or work resonates and connects to the audience. From his illustrations for NME magazine to collaborations with Howie B to massive U2 concert visuals his creations work at any scale and medium. His explosive imagination, craft and skill and almost anti-narrative younger years put him in good stead to the charming and brilliant Rabbit that blew many away on its DVD which onedotzero distributed to the festivals it was shown and finally online.

From the onedotzero, animation and design communities across the world thank you Run for sharing your work, wit, talent and distinctive way of looking at the world. Our thoughts also go to his wife Lisa and young children, Florence and Joe. You will always be a true original and it was a pleasure to drink in your company.

Shane Walter

We are trying to collate all the coverage, thoughts and memories of Run to collect for his family to read at a future date as it is understandably too raw to read now. If you could send any links, notes, pictures, memories to with RUN WRAKE in the title we will do our best to collect them all for Lisa and family. You can watch an Engine Animate projects interview with run wrake in 2009 here and some tributes so far below:
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Free download from the chapter on Run Wrake featured in onedotzero Motion Blur2:

Download here