9 Squares work their GIF magic for #dotdotdot

We're delighted to announce that our talented friends at 9 Squares have remixed the #dotdotdot identity for 2015.

Nine creatives each took on their own square and composed a deconstructed version of Panjapop's #dotdotdot identity: circles, dots and lines in black and white.

The full set premiered at #dotdotdot v5 and is now online here 

#dotdotdot GIF identity contributors:

Sara Bennett, Manchester
David Stanfield, South Carolina
Linn Fritz, London

James Curran, London 
Al Boardman, Bristol
Skip Hursh, Brooklyn

Adam Plouff, Atlanta.
Oliver Sin, Cheltenham
Zac Dixon, Nashville

About 9 Squares
9 Squares is an international collaborative animation project organized by Al Boardman, Skip Hursh, and David Stanfield. As part of an ongoing series, 9 Squares invite nine different animators to take on a square. Each designer creates an abstract, three-second animated loop from a very limited colour palette. All nine GIFs are then compiled into a 3x3 grid and uploaded to their tumblr.