onedotzero's look back at resonate 2016

In April onedotzero returned to Belgrade for Resonate - the annual festival and conference for digital culture for the fifth year running. This year we curated an exciting new screening programme, 'onedotzero: ulta_vista', which featured mind-bending and chaotic works from around the world. As well as introducing the screening, Shane Walter delivered a talk on onedotzero entitled '20 Years of Commissioning Digital Art' and chaired panel discussions on Digital Arts Festivals and Machine Learning in the Arts.

Shane steered The Digital Arts Festivals panel evaluating the current position and outlook of festivals in an ever-changing cultural climate with participants from KIKK, FIBER and Mirage festivals. The Machine Learning in the Arts panel debated artificial intelligence, algorithms and the authorship of artworks created by machines with a stand out panel helmed by Shane with Memo Akten, Phoenix Perry and Rebecca Fiebrink. A potent subject for practitioners creating work using a code and a term that cropped up frequently at Resonate. Both panel discussions were captivating and dealt with subject matters particularly relevant to onedotzero’s journey through the creative industries both present and past.

The festival had many highlights; Memo Akten, Refik Anadol, Builders Club, Moment Factory, Holly Herndon, Murat Pak, Karsten Schmidt, Atau Tanaka and Technology Will Save Us. Not to forget Squarepusher performing in an audio responsive beekeeper suit. What resonated from the festival was each speaker's social and political awareness of their practice, each interrogating the current position of art, design and technology in a forward thinking way.