varoom 32 - virtual realities

Shane Walter, the Creative Director of onedotzero, regularly reviews and offers insights on moving image and technology projects for Varoom Magazine. His latest topic is Virtual Reality which is becoming the ultimate visual storytelling device. VR exposes the audience to a world that exists beyond human senses.

Shane takes into consideration different projects and particularly focuses on ‘The Eyes of The Animal’ developed by Abandon Normal Devices (AND) and commissioned by Marshmallow Laser Festival (MLF).

Through the use of Virtual Reality, MLF aimed to open a new perspective on the reconnection between mankind and nature as this has been lost through our modern way of living. VR offers a sense of presence and place, without the distraction of having to look at a screen. 

Read the full article ‘Come To Your Senses’ in issue 32 of Varoom magazine out now.