urban dreams

an eclectic series of filmic responses to city living now and in the future from utopian hopes and alternative realities to dystopian nightmares

onedotzero presents a 30-minute programme of short films and animations curated for now gallery, with a continued exploration of onedotzero’s fascination with the city via an eclectic series of filmic responses to urban environments and fast-paced city living. As more of the world’s population are now city dwellers than ever before, it is important to make sense of what it means to be part of a city as influencers and influenced, constructors and creators.

Urban dreams offers perspectives from innovative filmmakers from around the world who share their utopian hopes, alternative realities and dystopian nightmares for city living now and in the future. Features brand new work alongside gems from the onedotzero archive, curated for Now Gallery.

George Alexander + Cesar Pelizer [weareseventeen]
Ludovic Houplain [H5]
Jonathan Gales
Benjamin Ducroz, Nimrod Weis + Steven Mieszelewicz [ENESS]
Matthias Hoegg
Arvind Palep [1stAveMachine]
Jonathan Gales + Paul Nicholls [Factory Fifteen]
Joe Kinch [Blue Zoo]
Po-Wei Su [Hi-organic]
Universal Everything