A PRS award-winning project by Jane Grant, John Matthias, Nick Ryan and Kin Design

Plasticity by Jane Grant, John Matthias, Nick Ryan, Kin Design

The creators of the PRS Award winning Fragmented Orchestra project in collaboration with design studio Kin present their latest collaboration, Plasticity, a site-specific project that invites users to interact with an audio-visual installation. An array of speakers, microphones and led lights are arranged as the network comes alive in direct response to visitor inputs, stimulated
by the sounds within the environment.

The installation consists of an array of microphones distributed and a network of speakers, arranged across a wall. The network comes alive in direct response to visitor input into the microphones and is in effect stimulated by the sounds within the environment. Plasticity develops over time with previously unheard patterns and connections emerging as the installation evolves, creating a unique sonic and visual experience.

Audio/DSP developer was Tim Hodgson and support from technologist John Nussey. Plasticity was premiered at onedotzero_adventures in motion at the BFI Southbank, London in 2011, sponsored and supported by Bowers & Wilkins, the University of Plymouth and the Arts Council.

Commissioned by onedotzero

Artist Profile

Kin Design
Design studio established in April 2008 by Kevin Palmer and Matt Wade with the belief that there is opportunity to develop smaller more agile approach to art direction and interaction design.

Nick Ryan
A multi award winning sound designer, composer, artist and audio media specialist widely recognised for his unique approach to sound and music. His work has included and traversed a range of outputs including computer gaming, TV, feature films, theatre, concerts, recording releases, installations and interactive projects.

Jane Grant
An artist who works with moving image, sound, installation, drawing and writing, working across disciplines in the arts and sciences often collaborating with scientists, designers and composers.

John Matthias
An award winning musician and composer who won the PRS Foundation new music award [the musical equivalent of ‘the Turner Prize’] for the development of a huge sonic installation entitled the Fragmented Orchestra [with Jane Grant and Nick Ryan].