4dspace conference

a two day conference as part of onedotzero7 at the ICA

As part of onedotzero7, onedotzero's 2003 festival at the ICA, 4dspace was a two-day conference with keynote speakers focusing on the emerging identity of interactive architecture and its influence on the contemporary cultural environment.

Some of the questions asked:

How is interactive architecture being creatively exploited at a time when the boundaries between public and private space are blurred and computing has become social infrastructure?

Experiential architecture is evolving from a cross-disciplinary use of digital media that explores the way people relate to one another and their environments. In the overlap of building and programme comes unprecedented scope to modify individuals’ spatial experiences, but according to what and whose agenda?

How do the issues provoked by the growth of pliable and responsive digital public environments warrant new definitions of creative roles?