topologies, quayola

A onedotzero commissioned installation

Topologies is an installment of the artist Quayola’s Strata Series. In differentiation to the previous Strata pieces, Topologies does not describe a process of transformation, rather it focuses on the observation of objects that are already fully transformed.

The subjects of these new pieces are two iconic paintings from the Prado Museum’s collection: ‘Las Meninas’ by Velazquez and ‘L’ Immacolata Concezione’ by Tiepolo. Following the rules behind their visual composition and colours, the two masterpieces have been transformed into digital fabrications through the use of custom software.

Topologies consists in the exploration of the digital objects created by this transformation process. The outcome is not a narrative film but rather separate objects of contemplation… literally “digital paintings”.

Topologies renews an interest in the calculative, generative and arrhythmic qualities that lie dormant behind the details of a masterpiece, organically transforming a recognisable reality into a colour-saturated, calculated fabrication. These paintings become topographic maps, linear pathways and structures, which pulsate, diverging from the original to produce a living abstract landscape.

Quayola, a onedotzero regular contributor and artist premiered Topologies in a multi-screen installation at the onedotzero_adventures in motion festival in 2010 at the BFI Southbank London in 2010.