China Museum of Digital Art

onedotzero opened CMoDA in Beijing with a selection of curated installations, screening programmes, live audiovisual performance and educational talks and workshops

onedotzero went to Beijing to present a scintillating selection of curated installations, screening programmes, a Cascade education programme and live audiovisual performance, in collaboration with CMoDA on the opening of the China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts.

In December CMoDA [Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts] in Beijing launched a series of programmes under the umbrella term of Creative Future. To open the debut season of programs with maximum impact, CMoDA collaborated with onedotzero on a series of programs under the title of AV@AR which featured our adventures in motion festival from the UK.

As China’s first comprehensive art center specialized in digital arts, CMoDA strives to build an interactive, experiential and integrated platform for exhibitions, educational exchanges, art, design and technological development, and creative start-up incubation.

As the phenomena of virtual worlds, avatars and augmented reality took hold of China, new modes of expression erupted. AV@AR refered to these changes in digital production, expression and a new advanced way of seeing the world, generating positive energy in the post 2012 era.

AV@AR's audiovisual program consisted of onedotzero_ adventures in motion festival’s 13 short film programs with 17 hours of exciting creative production from around the world. The audience were also given the chance to edit and produce their own music promo at the interactive music video lounge.

onedotzero presented its celebrated curated compilation programmes exploring new forms and hybrids of moving image across motion graphics, short film, animation, music videos and more in a purpose built cinema space. All programmes are 65-85 minutes. [More info below]

A bespoke onedotzero_cascade project also ran during the festival, which is an award winning platform for creative collaboration across diverse disciplines, with the aim to foster personal and professional development.

AR, Advanced Reality, was a series of installations and live AV performances showcased at CMoDA, which unfolded with an opening performance by Murcof and AntiVJ and a multi-media exhibition with 10 installations to explore the evolution of avatar-like experiences. Artists included AntiVJ, Field, Quayola, Lab212, Jun Yong Moon, Fei Jun, Wang Zhenfei [HHD_Fun], Supernature, Wonwei and Francis Lam.

Finally, a New Creators Conference was showcased at CMoDA, inviting the newest in digital talent to talk about their work and ideas. More info on that can be found here


Eyjafjallajökull / AntiVJ
Inspired by the icelandic volcano, which wreaked travel havoc across europe in april 2010, Joanie Lemercier [AntiVJ] presents the latest incarnation of its audiovisual mapping project for the first time in london. The audience’s sense are progressively challenged as optical illusions question their perception of space.

Communion / Matt Pyke and FIELD
Hundreds of generative creatures gather to celebrate life, dancing to a polyrhtyhmic soundtrack and evolving from primitive organisms to a posse of limbed little creaturess.
All creature skeletons and choreographies are unique and generated in realtime by a bespoke software system.
Soundtrack by Simon Pyke.

Stop-iT / Lab212
Stop-iT is both a visual and a musical sequencer, It’s a new musical creation tool, which makes the sound more tangible. By sticking post-it notes on a surface, people create a musical piece and mix animations.

Topologies / Quayola
Topologies is an instalment of the Strata Series. Differently from the previous Strata pieces, Topologies does not describe a process of transformation, rather it focuses into the observation of objects that are already fully transformed.

Augmented Shadow / Joon Y Moon
Augmented Shadow is a design experiment using blocks to produce an artificial shadow effect on an interactive tabletop interface. Moving the blocks around the table sets off a series of reactions. The Shadows behave according to the physics of the real world but transform the objects into the realm of fantasy by conjuring trees and houses occupied by shadow creatures.

Embedded Project / Zhenfei Wang / Luming Wang / Aaajiao
An architectural embedded project, which chooses Google earth as the carrier and embeds fabricated architectures in various cities or regions.

Nudemen Clock / Francis Lam [a.k.a. dbdbking]
Part of the on-going series "Nudemen" (2002) inspired by the overwhelming female nudity over the Internet. Nudemen Clock works like a digital clock formed by an assembly of pixelated naked man characters.

798 Talk Show / FEI Jun
798 Talk Show is an interactive billboard project designed for Beijing's 798 Art District. Using text messaging, viewers were able to chat and control the emotional expressions of animated characters in a virtual environment with many major galleries and art center as the backdrop. Game characters include key figures in the Chinese art circle such as artists, curators, collectors and gallery owners.

Prisma 1666 / Wonwei + Super Nature Design
A light installation which pays an artistic tribute to Sir Isaac Newton's landmark discovery in 1666 that glass prisms are able to deconstruct a white beam of sunlight into a complete color spectrum.

Live Audiovisual Performances

The Creative Futures exhibition kicked off with a 70 minute live audiovisual set. Invited by onedotzero:

Simon Geilfus of AntiVJ + Murcof
Brooding electronics and classical sound sources combine in the integrated sound world of Murcof.

There is a limitlessness to his music that absorbs the listener, touching on themes of life, death and eternity. Now these preoccupations find a visual analogue courtesy of AntiVJ's Simon Geilfus' realtime panoramic projections. The screens used are vast and semi-transparent, allowing for a fully immersive environment in which microscopic particles, geometric grids and organic elements are mapped in wondrous 3D perspective.

As part of the exhibition, AT [or @] was a locative exchange programme consisting of the Creative Future documentary and book launch, and Cascade, the award winning education program from the UK.

The Creative Future documentary contained 6 episodes on Social Media, Game, Animation, Design, Green, Creative China, which captured new creative forces around the world and established a dialogue with China into the future. The book focused on 10 young creative leaders from the documentary, who may well turn out to be the future Steve Jobs, but if not they will definitely still change our lives.

Screening Programmes