BL-NK Launch Event

onedotzero curated a selection of works that showcased the cream of Hackney based digital artists and designers for the launch of the borough’s brand new space BL-NK

BL-NK is an exciting new urban-space, acting as an exhibition gallery, conference area and events venue in Hackney’s Shoreditch district.

onedotzero were part of the executive commitee in a vision to highlight and celebrate the wealth of creative talent currently working and residing in Hackney. The launch event aimed to demonstrate the potential of the space.

We teamed up once again with fantastic partners Aztec Digital Media, who provided audiovisual equipment, lighting design and technical support for the entire night, which featured an exhibition of digital artists including Quayola, Memo Akten, Field, Andreas Muller, Max Hattler Evan Boehm supported by Nexus, Jason Bruges Studio and Plus DJ's Al Doyle from Hot Chip and local artist Pete Fowler hit the decks alongside visuals courtesy of Max Hattler.

Cube Space now manages the space and organised the launch evenings street food provided by Speck Mobile and Rainbo, Mini Espresso Martinis by Bean About Town and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream by Ice Angels. Furnishings were provide and curated by East London Design Store from local designers and makers.

BL-NK has now opened its doors to support local creative and tech companies with their plans for business and growth, nurture idea and culture and to enlighten and entertain. BL-NK will also operate as a periodic art gallery, curated by onedotzero and V&A.

onedotzero are on the steering committee for BL-NK alongside Hackney Council, Cube Space, Poke and the V&A. Collectively we share a desire and a plan to build a more permanent and internationally recognised venue that provides a home for digital, computational, audio-visual and interactive art.

onedotzero have also been working with Hackney Council on various Hackney House pop ups, past [SXSW] and upcoming [NYC and SXSW] with a desire and a plan to build an internationally recognised venue/space as a home for digital, computational, audio-visual and interactive art.

The following installations were showcased:

Forms by Quayola and Memo – is a series of studies on human motion and its reverberations through space and time.

Director cut of Energy Flow by Field – a non-linear film experience weaving 10 animated stories in 1000 unique films.

Heaven + Hell by Max Hattler – two animated loops inspired by 1923 painting ‘A symbolic Composition of the Spirtual world by Augustin Lesega.

Words That Live Forever by Andreas Muller – new work that uses the art physics stimulation where words are perpetually kept afloat by a system of floor fans.

Looking at a Horse by Evan Boehm supported by Nexus – an interactive installation about the context and experience of viewing art. The more people viewing the piece, the more beautiful it is.

Olo by Sennep – an award winning addictive ipad game of skill and strategy for 2 or 4 players- a playful twist on traditional board games.

Mimosa by Jason Bruge – an interative artwork displaying behaviour inspired by the Mimosa family plant, changing kinetically to suit the environmental conditions.

E-Nest (Seating) by – a digital design process created intricate handwoven seating based on traditional rattan techniques.

Hackney Select Screening Programme - New forms and hybrids of moving image, from some of Hackney's top creative talent.

Photographs by Martin Senysznk
Logo Artwork by Alexander Boxill