'digital maker' animation for the Design Museum

a onedotzero production for the Designer Maker User permanent exhibition at the Design Museum

The piece explores the key theme of the exhibition; design experience through the eyes of the designer, the maker, and the user - the three distinct yet overlapping roles that create every product in the world. The aim of the animation is to explore how these three identities intersect, diverge, maybe even conflict, and ultimately come together to shape the world we live in.

From the web on our screens to architecture in computer gaming, the apps that help us live or the systems, services and maps that help us get around, and even how we communicate on smart phones and social media – our leisure time is full of digital experiences from immersive VR to webzines.

Designer Maker User at The Design Museum features almost 1000 items of twentieth and twenty-first century design viewed through the perspective of the designer, maker, and user. The exhibition covers a broad range of design disciplines, from architecture and engineering, to the digital world, fashion and graphics.