Festival City Creative Week

Across 10 days onedotzero presented an exhibition and installation plus a sold out mini conference as part of Festival City Creative Week in Osaka, Japan.

Working with Dentsu Japan onedotzero curated and produced an exciting array of works, events + a sold out mini conference as part of a ‘Creative Week’ for the newly built Festival City development in downtown Osaka, Japan.

Owen Davey Exhibition

onedotzero curated an exhibition by Owen Davey, the artist who designed the key visual for Festival City. ‘The Art of Place’ explored ideas of placemaking through a range of key works for globally known clients such as GQ and Sony with a thread depicting cityscapes of great UK cities like London, Manchester as well as fictitious street scenes. A music video for his own band LOM was included displaying how well his style works in motion supported by an outdoor visual aesthetic that matched the mood and tone of the music.

Owen Davey is an award-winning Illustrator, living and working in Leicester, UK. His range of visual ability has the versatility to produce fresh views of large vistas of iconic city skylines to community details and urban dwellers going about their everyday business. He delivers work full of rich detail despite the apparent bold simplicity of his style. 

Thought Bubbles by Harvey + John

onedozero selected Thought Bubbles for creative week, an interactive installation by British Artists Harvey & John that combines art and physics to create a visual spectacle. The artwork exploits the Bernoulli Principle, which states that spheres will float on columns of high flow, low pressure air to create an immersive experience. The captivating quality a levitating sphere is innate to all, regardless of age or culture. It evokes a sense of curiosity and releases your joyous inner child.

The thought bubbles were positioned in a central area of the developement with high footfall and received an extactic response of awe + wonderment. 

Founded in 2011, Harvey + John is the partnership of life long friend Richard Harvey and Keivor John. Now a team of inventors, designers, artists and engineers they work from a buzzing UK based studio and create pineering commissions for companies, events and individuals. 

Art and the City Conference

A sold out mini conference including presentations and a panel discussion took place in Festival City exploring the relationship between creativity, placemaking and the city with speakers including onedotzero creative director Shane Walter with artists Richard Harvey, and Kohei Nawa from japan, chaired by Chieko Kinoshita.

Festival City launched in 2017 in the Nakanoshima area of central Osaka with the aim of being a new cultural centre in the city. Incorporating two striking towers that house a music hall, art museum, Conrad Hotel complex and numerous shops and restaurants. It is also home to The Asahi Shimbun Company HQ with its neighbours including the National Museum of Art, Osaka Science Museum and the central public Library on an island located between the Dojima and Tosabori rivers.