Illuminated River Competition

onedotzero were invited to collaborate with renowned architects, Adjaye Associates, on their entry to the Illuminated River competition, an international design commission on an unprecedented scale.

The competition was an opportunity for onedotzero to showcase it’s collaborative approach, strategic thinking and curatorial expertise within the context of a major outdoor public art project.  

The aim of the competition was to award the winning entry with a commission to produce light installations across all bridges along the River Thames.

The Adjaye Associates x onedotzero entry saw a number of highly accomplished artists paired with a bridge of their choice. Including: Chris Ofili, Larry Bell, Jeremy Deller, Richard Woods, Doug Aitken, Angela Bulloch, Katharina Grosse, Glenn Ligon, Thukral + Tagra, Lorna Simpson, Philippe Parreno, Mariko Mori, Joanna Vasconcelos and David Adjaye + onedotzero. Each artist was asked to submit a lighting concept for their chosen bridge.

With the initial concepts in place, onedotzero were invited to respond with a digital strategy that supported the visitor experience both on site at the exhibition and online before arrival, as well as a program of interventions and ongoing cultural and educational activities. Including:

Dynamic Wayfinding:

A companion app that enables visitors to curate their exhibition experience, with access to location-based information and insights. Within the app would live a dynamic map connecting the vast expanse of the exhibition, location-based content experiences including soundbites from artists and augmented reality allowing you to interact with the exhibit and go behind the scenes.


A program of interventions from a range of digital artists, both physical installations in collaboration with the major artists, and through augmented reality experiences. This would enable a changing program of varied cultural attractions to compliment the permanent works throughout the 25 year exhibition period.

Live Performance:

A program of regular live shows to bring a moment of synchronicity to the bridge exhibits and provide a climatic moment to the exhibition experience, driving increased footfall to the exhibition and revenue for the local economy.

Educational Program:

The focal point of the educational program would be Lambeth Bridge itself, paired with onedotzero, this bridge would facilitate an evolving program of installations generated by local school programs. This would offer a unique opportunity for students to get hands-on with technology and see their installations come to life as part of the wider exhibition.

Digital Tours:

An off-site experience of the bridge exhibits, enabling broader global access to the exhibition. Utilising 360 video with embedded interaction points for an enhanced experience.