Meet d3 Installations

Over 50,000 visitors across three days enjoyed a programme of activity that included two onedotzero-programmed installations exploring space and sound

onedotzero brought world-class interactive installations to Dubai for Meet d3 2016, a three-day event for design, art and culture running from Dec 8 - 10, 2016, at Dubai Design District (d3) - the city’s design and creative hub.

With our 20 year history of presenting festivals and installations to audiences across the globe, the studio relished the idea of bringing interactive experiences to a diverse all-ages audience in Dubai. Following numerous programming conversations with the Dubai Design District, the final onedotzero installations at Meet d3 included a playful sound installation by Yuri Suzuki, designed and produced in collaboration with onedotzero, and a monumental silver sphere by Loop.pH.

The second edition of Meet d3 brought out over 50,000 visitors across three days with a programme that included 29 art installations and activations, 18 musical performers from the Middle East and beyond, six experiences just for children, 14 food & beverage destinations, and 55 retail partners across a range of design disciplines.

Loop.pH ‘Osmo’
Osmo is an infinity membrane that envelops viewers and invites them to bathe beneath the stars while listening to an ambient soundscape with live sounds from outer space. Visitors are invited to step into a monumental silver sphere made from reflective silver mylar – a NASA space material - with a projected universe held within its interior. A map of the cosmos is etched into the membrane charting all the 9000 stars visible to the naked eye.

For many inhabitants living in dense urban areas, the chance to gaze upon the night sky is near impossible with tall buildings and light pollution obscuring the view. Osmo is a spa retreat of sorts, offering shelter from our pervasive digital technologies, where mobile phone and wireless signals are shielded by a conductive membrane for those addicted to, or needing a break from smartphones and social media.

Loop.pH is a London based spatial laboratory experimenting across the fields of design, architecture and the sciences. The studio was founded in 2003 by Mathias Gmachl and Rachel Wingfield to form a new creative practice that reaches beyond specialist boundaries. In 2014, Rachel Wingfield was named an inaugural Wired Innovation Fellow.

Ototo Playable Room by Yuri Suzuki and onedotzero
Step into the Ototo Playable Room installation where all that you touch can turn into sound. A collaboration between onedotzero and artist Yuri Suzuki, the Ototo installation uses the Ototo circuit board to create a tactile musical adventure where you are the conductor and your instruments are balloons, vegetables and unconventional objects.

Musical pyramids:
Central to the installation are two pyramids, each featuring 36 interactive balloons programmed with various sounds. The pyramids act as giant synthesizers, that can be played individually or with a group to create epic soundscapes.

vegTABLE experimentation zone:
Ototo is all about experimentation, so the installation also includes a zone dedicated to user participation. The aim is for visitors to get creative and make the weirdest synthesizer possible using fruits, vegetables and other conductive materials.

Ototo is a musical invention kit developed by Yuri Suzuki, a sound artist, designer and electronic musician who produces work that explores the realms of sound through exquisitely designed pieces. He is a lecturer at the Royal College of Art and recipient of the prestigious Designer of the Future Award: Design Miami/Swarovski 2016. In 2014, Ototo was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

“It was such a pleasure to work with a team that are so organized, passionate and so FUN to work with. onedotzero brought together experiences at Meet d3 that added just the right balance of fun, design and interaction to the festival.”

Saadia Zahid, Programme Director, Dubai Design District

“Meet d3 was a great experience. It’s been enlightening and progressive, and the audience are very up for experiencing new things”

Shane Walter, Creative Director at onedotzero