NEC ai assistant animation

onedotzero creatively direct and produce an animation to promote an AI assistant

Long-term agency collaborator Dentsu approached onedotzero to creatively direct and produce an animation to explain and promote a new internal service for NEC based on an AI assistant. onedotzero selected Chris Lloyd to work with on the design and animation with Dentsu X providing the script and initial storyboard.

Chris Lloyd is the director of London based animation and illustration studio YLLW. He brought his unique, colourful and playful style to the project, creating engaging characters that connected in a short amount of time. 

The aim was to create something very clear and information heavy that was still full of charm and character. A suite of characters was designed to represent various business users across the NEC business that featured different scenarios and technology showcasing the positive outcomes of utilising the service. One of these was featured on the NEC internal website as a pop-up assistant.

The final result is an animation with distinct charm for the Japanese market. It has the ability to keep people entertained and engaged for 2 minutes while also imparting a high volume of information.

"We all love the animation movie, and all the NEC people love it very much. The client (NEC) said the AI-SA animation is wonderful and beyond their expectations."
Jun Katogi, Agency Producer