RND#: Richard Fenwick exhibition

A Richard Fenwick exhibition showcasing a series of experimental films

RND# [random number] was an exhibition of Richard Fenwick's work, which showcased both at the ICA, London and Lux, France. 

Award-winning director Richard Fenwick emerged from a graphic design background to become one of Britain's most distinctive creators of moving image, working across music video, commercials, shorts and documentary.

Fenwick established his ideas lab ref:pnt [reference point] for personal exploration, and through this project has continually explored ideas relating to technology - specifically man's interaction with it.

The RND# project, a series of 100 experimental films made during Fenwick's lifetime, frames his ideas - a visual notepad on this preoccupation.

These short films mix animation, digital fx and live action; some with a lo-fi approach, others polished productions.

RND# is an exploration into technology's effect on humanity as we enter the 21st century. They show Fenwick's range and diversity as a moving image maker, au fait with live action, drama, factual content, animation and use of infographics and motion graphics.

RND - one of the programmer's most enduring commands: the abilitiy to add randomness to data. The RND# project [random number] deals with this collision head on; between life and technology; between inert machinery and the chaotic nature of reality. And in the process, questions society's hugely weird and wired reliance on technology itself.

Richard Fenwick