Sky Backstage Refresh Phase 2

onedotzero was tasked with creating a premium upgrade to Sky’s exclusive Backstage lounge at the O2 Arena refreshing the dining and bar area and introducing an original customer-focused experience.

onedotzero delivered a premium, customer-focused VIP environment for Sky which included a Grand Bar, Dining Room + Bar, Curve and Sky Forever Room.

The Grand Bar

The Grand Bar is the central socialising space in Sky Backstage that onedotzero transformed into a dramatic, premium and expressive space for guests to eat, drink and relax in style before a show. Intimacy and dynamism were introduced through the creation of rounded room dividers, bespoke large scale lighting features, sophisticated drapes and premium furniture.

The Curve

The Curve serves a dual purpose as in event mode it provides exclusive seating for customers to view live arena action and in non-event mode it provides intimate seating to unwind before a show. Utilising patterned wallpaper and bespoke furniture, onedotzero transformed ‘The Curve’ into a desirable, elegant seated environment with a premium feel.

Dining Room

onedotzero created a defined eating space where Sky customers can enjoy good food in a high-quality environment. Introducing the wallpaper pattern from the Curve and the luxury drapes from the Grand Bar into the Dining Room created a cohesive setting, whilst the inclusion of screens brought Sky content to Sky customers in a considered, nuanced manner. onedotzero also designed a brand new simple, stylish menu for Sky, providing a premium look and feel in-keeping with the overall upgrade.

Dining Room Bar

Taking cues from the new environmental language, onedotzero designed and fabricated a brand new secondary bar increasing capacity and providing a beautiful architectural statement for the space. The white bar surface aligned with Sky’s iconic white world design and suspended circular lighting above the bar transformed the space into a ‘must-see’ moment.

Sky Forever Room

The ‘Sky Forever Room’ was a show-stopping infinity room which combined angled-mirrored walls with projection technology to create a fully immersive, unique experience surrounding guests with content for a short but dramatic, photogenic takeover. It put the customer directly at the heart of Sky’s content and innovation, connecting them to more of what they love in an engaging and memorable manner.

Through all these areas onedotzero delivered its aim to create an ultimately compelling and innovative experience for Sky customers. ‘Sky Backstage’ is now more than just a space that you have drink in before the show. By incorporating Sky related content, experiences and a considered architecture language, onedotzero have created a highly memorable evening for customers and making ‘Sky Backstage’ a true, iconic Sky destination.

"We love working with onedotzero. They’re a small team but they’re big on experience and expertise. Every project runs smoothly thanks to a fluid collaboration from start to finish. Their attention to detail on all areas from design to production is exceptional and we’re delighted with our new Sky Backstage space." Anna Pennington Project Director, Brand Experience, Sky UK