Sky Q experience at The O2

onedotzero was briefed to create a permanent interactive experience for Sky Q at The O2, with the aim that users takeaway key product benefits through play.

The resulting experience brings together physical and digital interactions that celebrate Sky content and appeal to families, adults and younger visitors alike.

Wireless Multiroom 
A digital house can be rotated using an illuminated wheel built into the station. The rotations reveal animated rooms within the house along with corresponding messages that educate the user that with Sky Q you can watch recordings anywhere around the home.

Record More
A lever playfully activates animation and messaging across two screens - each pull of the lever activates an endless animated spinning carousel of Sky content visualising how Sky Q allows you to record four shows while you watch a fifth live.

Recordings on the Move
Selecting one of the animated icon buttons triggers the content from a show that reinforces how Sky Q allows you to watch recordings on the move.

Show Portraits
See your portrait turned into thousands of stills of Sky content from one of four iconic Sky shows: Kung Fu Panda, The Walking Dead, Mad Men and The Simpsons - delivered to you as a unique shareable asset which communicates that with Sky Q you can store 2 TB of content.

Environment design
The ground floor was designed to be a beacon to attract visitors into Sky Studios and give them an educational and interactive experience akin to a visit to the Science Museum. This approach increases dwell time while ensuring deeper brand engagement. Sky’s iconic white and spectrum colour was given a twist with the addition of light boxes and panels of colour placed in a gradient.