arup bridgespan

Interactive installation exploring 60 bridge projects using data collected from Arup’s archives

onedotzero invited Kin Design to collaborate on an installation that would provide an interesting way to explore Arup's extensive archive of imagery and architectural and structural data.

The resulting custom designed table invites you to discover 60 of the world’s most innovative, individual and ground breaking bridge projects.

The beautifully crafted wooden exterior slides apart to reveal an interactive table that utilises the latest touch screen technology. 

The two sliding surfaces portray land masses and display geographic information portray. The space between them can be adjusted by visitors to reveal information about each bridge’s characteristics including how it was constructed, where it is in the world and the processes used to create it. 

Exhibited as part of the Bridge Stories exhibition at Arup's Phase 2 Gallery in 2010, BridgeSpan was produced by onedotzero and commissioned by Arup with the kind support of NEC.

Media: Custom Software, Distance Sensors, Microswitches, DisplayLite Screen, Short Throw Projector, Custom Table

Content: Custom Code, Photographs, Illustrations, Text, Maps, Graphics.