asics top impact line

A commissioned 60 second animation for sportswear giant Asics

We revisited our long-standing relationship with Dentsu Inc of Japan with a 60 second animation and a variety of graphic designs for print.

The client, Japanese sportswear giant Asics, wanted to incorporate Leonardo Da Vinci's drawing 'The Truvian Man' into the campaign for their sportswear range 'Top Impact Line'.

The visuals adorned Asics outlets throughout Japan, supplemented with a print advertising campaign and several graphic designs for convention and internal use.

Quayola was handpicked as the perfect creator to undertake this mixed media campaign. His distinct and modern style married with his Roman routes gave him the perfect sensibilities to intergrate licensed artwork into a stunning set of graphic outputs for Asics.

onedotzero negotiated the famous Leonardo da Vinci image license and delivered all of the elements within 18 days of sign off from the winning pitch.