'atmeture' by loop.ph

a show-stopping site-specific installation by Loop.ph as part of the letchworth 'Fire and Fright' festival

‘Atmeture’ by Loop.pH is a new site-specific installation commissioned by onedotzero as part of the inaugural Letchworth 'Fire & Fright Festival' which runs from October 28 - November 5 2014. Constructed out of their innovative archilace technique, ‘Atmeture’ will animate on key nights of the festival with transparent inflatable membranes that will create an effect of dynamic breathing architecture.

Loop.pH - "Atmeture is an ephemeral architectural tunnel drawing visitors to Letchworth’s Broadway Gardens and into an open and inviting structure, woven from lightweight fibres. The geometric latticework is performed when filled with transparent inflating membranes that are animated by being filled and emptied with air, reminiscent of breath. The structure will appear alive and breathing as it's rhythmically filled with swirling smoke, changing the opacity of the structure.”

The Letchworth ‘Fire & Fright’ Festival kicked off on October 28 with a short performance at the installation and will conclude on November 5 with a smoke and light show in celebration of Bonfire Night.