A screening programme that investigates mankind’s fascination with dynamic city living

A onedotzero series of provocative shorts exploring the idea of the modern metropolis, from urban considerations of multi-culturalism to paranoia and street art interventionists. citystates 08 is about being part of a city as influencers and influenced, constructors and creators. As more of the world’s population are now city dwellers it is important to make sense of what that means - re-evaluating the idea of urban living, as individuals and in changing communities.

Artists include Jean-Julien Pous, Helene Canac, James Houston, Alex Robinson, Tim Bollinger, Gareth Crook, Lorcan Finnegan, Matt Lambert, Crush, Shroom, Chris Allen, Lindsay Knight, Jonathan Harris, Marieke Verbiesen, The Light Surgeons, Graham Clayton-Chance, Russell Etheridge, Petpunk and Jeff Wood.

Approximate run time: 75 minutes