A screening programme that investigates mankind’s fascination with dynamic city living

Mankind’s movement towards city-living continues at a startling pace, accelerating towards nations of supercities. This programme acts as a survey of our hopes, emotions and fears about urban living.

From personal stories to collective experiences this programme investigates how cities are changing and, in turn, how we are changing our cities. Includes d-fuse’s endless cities_redux, extracted from their live av odyssey that captured urban expansion across ten asian cities.

Artists in this screening programme include D-Fuse, Eric Testroete, Soki So, Yibi Hu, Carolyn London, Clement Picon, Richard Hardy, Nirmal Singh Dhiman, Bertan Cakgoz, Shobna Gulati, Asif Mian [1st Ave Machine], Steven Day, Keith Loutit, Robert Proch, Beeple, David O'Reilly, Jeff Desom, Murray John and Ace Norton.

Approximate run time: 73 minutes