A screening programme that investigates mankind’s fascination with dynamic city living

A continued exploration of onedotzero’s fascination with the city via an eclectic series of filmic responses to urban environments and fast-paced city living. As we accelerate towards becoming nations of super-cities, this selection presents and questions our utopian desires, bringing a sense of adventure, hope and positivity about our shared future world.

Artists in this screening programme include Patrick Jean, Keiichi Matsuda, Paul Douglas Nicholls, Jean-Julien Pous, Matthew Young, Robin Sarkar, Dirk Koy [Equipo], François Vogel, Organic Su, Samam Keshavarz, Richard Hardy, Luke Busby, Alexei Gubenco, Lucio Arese, Martijn Hogenkamp, Lei Lei, Mattias Hoegg, Jopsu Ramu, Timo Huhtala [Musuta Ltd], Nicolas Cinguind, Eric Leleu, Thomas Chere, Pablo Barquin, Marcos Coral, Mauro Gimferrer [Physalia Studio], Ross Neil and Matt Clark.

Approximate run time: 83 minutes