craft cube: michael eden

A split screen video piece for The Crafts Council about Michael Eden by onedotzero

The Crafts Council approached onedotzero with a brief to make a split screen video piece for their Craft Cube series. This was to accompany Michael Eden's 'Wedgewoodn't Tureen' which was created using 3D design tools and additive manufacturing.

The result was two films that synchronised to visually demonstrate the process of the tureens' creation and featured an interview commentary from the potter himself with graphic overlays to further illustrate the context and process.

The films were shown in the Michael Eden 'Craft Cube' that toured museums and galleries with The Crafts Council.

Direction: Shane Walter
Animation / graphics direction: Oz Smith
Production: Jordan Stokes
Music: Nick Ryan
Producers: Jordan Stokes / Shane Walter
Camera: Tom Bland
Editing: Jordan Stokes
Editing/grade: Oz Smith
Interviewer: Shane Walter
Crafts Council Co-ordinator: Sarah Turner

Thanks to
Michael Eden Bartlett School of Architecture
Martin Watmough Wedgewood
Nick Ryan
Seb Hagemeister
Martin Schulz