A screening programme which merges the arts and crafts into the digital world

In these fast-forward times driven by digital culture, many creatives have revived a handcrafted approach to producing new visual work across promos, broadcast and independent shorts. Many have begun to pare their work back, using a homemade diy aesthetic, which is stitched, knitted, collaged, stuck and folded together. Don’t miss the pyromania of Corin Hardy’s latest promo for The Prodigy, or the truly unique costume design in "Misfit", a music promo by australian based directors The Glue Society.

Other artists in this screening programme include Multitouch Barcelona, Max Hattler, Ian Kibbey, Corey Creasey, Makoto Yabuki, George Wu, Johnny Kelly, Geoffroy de Crecy, Mathematics, Ben Falk, Josiah Newbolt, David Wilson, Chris Ritson, Taboo Plus, Diego Maclean, Daniel Britt, Toma Dutter, Thiago Maia, Jen Stark, Kyle Bean, Chris Gavin and Transforma.

Approximate run time: 73 minutes