#dotdotdot event series

a new event series for london's creative and digital communities

#dotdotdot is a new series of monthly parties aimed at London’s world-renowned creative and digital communities. Brought to you by onedotzero, the events are for artists, designers, musicians, programmers, coders, hackers and entrepreneurs - for the digital adventurers who like to do things just that little bit differently.

Our hugely popular party series #dotdotdot returned in 2015 with fresh instalments of talks, demos, screenings, performance and random chit chat over a drink or more. Designed with and for London's creative and digital communities, the event was presented in collaboration with Protein at their event space in Shoreditch. Taking place in one of the busiest months for London’s design calendar, we built a programme that celebrated the aesthetic overload that usually ensues across the city and online.

#dotdotdot v5 'Chaos'
Sep 22 

Adam Rodgers of Studio Remote on the internet, selfies and black holes [Talk] 
Al Boardman on the GIF collective 9 Squares [Talk] 
William Rowe of Protein on 'Chaos in Digital Media' [Talk] 
AfterUs contributors Nora Khan, Benedict Singleton & Lawrence Lek [Talk]
Chromesthesia by St Martins graduates Sabba Keynejad & Satara Achille [Installation]
My Panda Shall Fly presenting the musical outcomes of BuzzJam's 32-hour hackathon in collaboration with coders Chris Waring and Yuli Levtov and manager Luke O'Connor [Live]Vincent Morisset 'Way to Go' and Eric Nyira 'Meet the Family' (UNIT9) [VR Demo]
Altergaze by Liviu Berechet Antoni and Alexandra Stancu (Nexus VR Studio)  [VR Demo]
Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams / NTS Radio) [DJ]


AfterUs Magazine Launch 
#dotdotdot identity remix by 9 Squares
Short Film Screenings of Art&Graft, Blue Zoo, Animade, Mike Pelletier & The Line 

#dotdotdot v4
Nov 20

Mark Farid on 'Seeing I' [Talk]
Daniel Jones + Frank Swain [Talk]
Florence To + Uraki Riddim of Fine Grains [Installation/Live]
Bleep.com [DJ]
Chair AXJ01 [Demo]
Jack Cunningham [GIFs]
onedotzero screenings feat. Mikey Please, Eoin Duffy, Stevie Gee, Christopher Hewitt

with thanks to Aztec

#dotdotdot v3
Oct 23 

The Light Surgeons [DJ/AV]
Loop.pH [Talk + Installation]
Konstantinos Mavromichalis / Urban Visuals [Talk]
David Hedberg / Smile TV [Installation]
Richard Hogg / Hohokum [Demo]
Horia Dragomir / Face to GIF [Web]
Mattis Dovier [GIFs]

with thanks to Aztec 

#dotdotdot v2 
Aug 21

Alex Mclean [Talk + Live Coding Performance ]
Ototo [Demo]
In The Wild: FaltyDL x Chris Shen [Installation]
Robin Davey [GIFs]
Matthew Britton & Bertie Müller / 1024by768 [Web]
Nick Pink [DJ]

+ screenings of work by Yoshihide Sodeoka (with My Panda Shall Fly) / Job, Joris & Marieke / Chad Vangaalen (with Timber Timbre) / Tom Geraedts (with Max Cooper) / Panop Koonwat / Seed

With thanks to our partners: Mixcloud and Aztec

#dotdotdot v1
July 24 

Alex Allmont [Talk]
Felix Faire [Talk]
ROLI Seaboard GRAND [Demo + Live Performance]
onedotzero [screenings]
Global Breakfast Radio [Online Project]
David Whyte / Bees & Bombs [GIFs]
Tim Parker [DJ]
Good Block [DJ]

With thanks to our partners: Mixcloud, Cube Space, Aztec, Speckmobile, Crate Brewery and Johnnie & Ginger from Johnnie Walker Red Label.