extended play

A screening programme that celebrates modern storytelling and style

Extending beyond the boundaries of traditional storytelling and style, this eclectic and engrossing range of shorts demonstrates how visual narrative can be used powerfully to create dramatic effect. From an international selection of filmmakers with adventurous narrative structures and distinctive styles in motion, this selection shares a rather sinister sensibility and features a high proportion of recent graduation work from world class schools including the Royal Academy of Art in London, Supinfocom Aries and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Artists in this screening programme include Christen Bach, Jeremy Guerrieri, Caroline Roux, Nicolas Leroy, Madeleine Charruaud, Damain Nenow, Julia Pott, Natalie Bettelheim, Sharon Michaeli, Andrew Allen, Bo Mathorne, Grant Orchard and Osman Cerfon.

Approximate run time: 80 minutes