feedback, hellicar + lewis

An interactive installation commissioned by onedotzero

Feedback is an interactive installation that aims to encourage new performances out of members of the public and circus performers alike. It was originally created for and premiered at CircusFest at the Roundhouse, London in 2010.

Using the familiar form of a mirror, the installation uses real time computer vision techniques using custom code and openFrameworks. It allow viewers to remix their bodies in real time, displaying them on a large scale over the interior and exterior of the iconic roundhouse in Camden, London. The mirror, which is probably the most natural interface we know, makes it easy for people to get involved in the acts of performance, thus becoming part of the festival itself.

By dancing, performing – or even modestly gesturing in front of the screen – the installation will capture the movement of anyone interacting with it to create a graphic animation of their body movements. The effect is similar to that of a ‘Hall of Mirrors’, generating an unexpected and magical wobbly, bendy or stretched reflection.

Feedback has since been exhibited at onedotzero_adventures in motion at the BFI London in 2010, the Banff Art Centre in Canada, in St. Petersburg as part of the onedotzero curated Yota Space, and numerous other events.

Feedback was made in collaboration with Todd Vanderlin.