forgotten games

onedotzero mentored two young artists to support their roles in an exhibition devised by young local creatives

Forgotten Games was the result of a Creative Mentoring Project, envisaged by The Shoreditch Trust to bring together local creative businesses and local young people.

The project resulted in ten young people from East London working with six creative organisations based in the Shoreditch area for the past 6 months, to develop, curate and produce this bespoke exhibition, Forgotten Games.

As part of Shoreditch Festival, Forgotten Games presented an exploration of what the idea of games means to the participating individuals, through childhood memories and local history. There was a whole selection of things to see - from art works, animation, marketing, workshops and more.

onedotzero were specifically asked to be involved in this project, and we happily accepted. Two young people have been working with us at our Shoreditch studio to design, plan and bring their element of the Forgotten Games exhibition to life. onedotzero have acted as a mentor for these two individuals, offering guidance, giving feedback and having access to our great array of contacts in the industry.