george michael 25 live tour

Breathtaking stage visuals for George Michael's European tour

George Michael's 25live tour featured interactive, innovative and large-scale visuals driven by sound reactive software and a bespoke playback system, produced by onedotzero.

Show designer Willie Williams and George Michael wanted a show that was as interactive as possible. Ken Watts, the tour director, asked onedotzero to develop that show for them and we subsequently developed sound reactive software and a bespoke playback system. Willie wanted the content to exploit the screen as much as possible.

‘Michael paraded across a state of the art stage that was ingeniously lit from within and extended behind him in one seamless sweep, like an electric curtain all the way up to the lighting trusses.’

The Times

onedotzero brought an experienced in-house production team together to cover the bulk of the material and out of house commissions were made for 5 pieces.

The development of the playback system involved representatives from all of the video departments, from the tour video director to the hardware crew, so it took a lot of management to pull everything together. Over a period of 3 months we produced over 40 video pieces to be used within the show.

George had a good understanding of using video as part of the show design, as did the rest of his team, so we had the luxury of good input from his camp.