google campus launch event

digitally inflected magic by onedotzero at the launch of Google Campus, tech city

Google Campus is a unique co-working space in the heart of East London’s Silicon Roundabout, bringing start ups and creatives together. To launch this exciting space, Google needed some help inflecting some digital magic to the party, and that's where we came in!

onedotzero curated a series of interactive installations, a selection of themed shorts, a live audiovisual performance and lighting design throughout the building. The culmination of the event was the launch of a rocket, fuelled by the energy and optimism generated by party goers.

Working with Mother London and Bompus and Parr, onedotzero managed and curated a series of visual interactive experiences that captured and heightened the positive spirit of the event. Working with innovative creatives and technology and lighting partner Aztec, onedotzero brought interactive fun across three floors of the party... 

Up on the first 'be amazed' floor, onedotzero curated an entire floor of interactive installations encouraging guests to have fun and play including:

Starfield: Lab212's interactive swing left guests with an indelible impression of speed, depth and immersive flight as they flew through a galaxy of stars.

Plasticity: A wall of microphones encouraged guests to get vocal. Their performances made an adjacent wall of speakers come alive creating a unique sonic and visual experience. Co-created by Kin, Nick Ryan, Jane Grant and John Mathias.

Rocket race: Sennep's fun, straw-powered, four-player game that put lungs to the test. Those who could launch their rocket into space before their opponents made it onto the leader board.

Instaphotogramatron: Guests got creative dressing up in all manner of wondrous astro-themed apparel before stepping into Kin's mystery photobooth to have their snaps taken.

On the ground 'let loose' floor, the legendary Fred Deakin [Lemon Jelly] pumped out audio and visual treats during his AV set on the night sky dance floor.

Meanwhile, downstairs in on the 'indulge' floor, onedotzero also launched a capsule of cosmic short films, animations and motion graphics fuelled by visions from the frontiers of space. These inter-galactic adventures orbit 8-bit worlds, gaming inspired moonscapes, pastel parallel universes and futuristic fun fairs, proposing what future astronauts may do for recreation and romance. An international pod of pioneering and inspiring shorts from earth-based innovators who are working light years ahead of their time.


Google Campus offers seven floors of flexible work spaces, free high speed internet and the support that start-up companies need to fuel their ideas. Both London-based start-ups and people passing through town are invited to join the Campus community. Google Campus is a unique co-working space in the heart of East London’s Silicon Roundabout / Tech City / Digital Triangle / whatever you want to call our home of the past 16 years.