hi-res! retrospective

A restrospective exhibition of the pioneering studio Hi-ReS!, presented at onedotzero8 festival

A rare insight to the art, motivations and output of the creators responsible for award–winning web sites for Donnie Darko, Requiem for a Dream, Massive Attack and groundbreaking early interactive experiments.

Hi-ReS! was founded in London in 1999 by artistic directors Florian Schmitt and Alexandra Jugovic. With backgrounds in product design and fine art, and a shared passion for film, music and art they intuitively realised the creative possibilities that developing web technologies offered.

Their studio has created interactive web based projects for a diverse and impressive range of clients across feature films, fashion, music, computer gaming and brands including MTV, PS2, NTT, Topshop and Lexus.

Presented at the ICA in 2004, this specially curated exhibition chronicled the studio’s output during their first five years, including rarely seen research and early experimental interactive pieces.

The exhibition was accompanied by a discussion from Hi-ReS! artistic directors and team who introduced the exhibition and discussed their ideas behind it.