holotronica, stuart warren hill

a unique, live 3D cinematic experience that immerses the audience in electronic music and a pulsing holographics
presented at onedotzero_adventures in motion 2011

Holotronica is the latest project from award winning Stuart Warren-Hill, who is best known as founder and half of the AV duo Hexstatic. Holotronica explores the synesthetic fusion of analogue synthesizers with live midi controlled visuals and emerging 3D and holographic technologies.

In 2011, onedotzero partnered with BFI to present Holotronica in NFT 1 as part of the onedotzero_adventures in motion 2011 festival. 

Stuart won the Holographic Grand Prize at Musion Academy Awards [MAMAS] 2009 and from this has been creating holographic shows using the Musion Eyeliner set up as well as experimenting with various formats. Stuart has developed a new material specifically designed for large scale 3D projection and Holographic effects.

Hologauze is available under license from Holotronica. Holotronica realtime 3D software allows any clients logo, video and stills to be manipulated and projected like a hologram that floats in the middle of the room [glasses required]. Any amount of glasses can be supplied with 4 colour printing. Also any size screen can be created. Hologauze allows for large scale 2D and 3D projection mapping onto buildings.