intel power up

onedotzero collaborated with PD3 and Marshmallow Laser Feast to create a 5D reflaction DJ chamber

Working with a multitude of agencies for the Intel brand, this multi-collaborative effort came to a head when Hoxton Gallery London was transformed into a space with a “5D light reflaction chamber.” Infinity mirrors, a huge LED wall and reactive and responsive motion graphics were all utilized to create an immersive, eye-popping, audio-visual experience.

Here's how it happened:

When Intel approached onedotzero with the task of setting the visual tone for the finale of their national PowerUp with Ultrabook DJ competition, it became clear that we needed to create something distinctive; something that brought a new dynamism to the interplay between live music and the surrounding visuals.

Being serial collaborators we of course looked to work with someone incredible and we knew that Marshmallow Laser Feast would be innovative and creative partners. onedotzero has worked with the 3 founders of MLF for years so it was a natural choice - they are at the forefront of artistic digital innovation, finding novel ways to thrill. Matched with their musical experience, this ensured that they understood the importance of a responsive reaction to the DJs' tunes.

Intel were providing young British DJ talent with a platform to display their skills, and our desire was to make this platform engaging, digitally progressive and as immersive for the audience as possible.

The resulting commission was a 5D reflaction chamber which responded to each DJ individually, with a distinct look and feel for each. The night was a huge success with DJs including Benji B, the audience and respective partners having their retinas and ears energized.

 The campaign achieved a social reach of 2.5 million and 95 million impressions across all media, and the final night was oversubscribed by 200%.