A screening programme that celebrates contemporary Japanese motion culture

The very latest and most inspiring music videos, motion graphics and shorts from Japan, which remains a diverse and rich breeding ground for new talent, who push for innovation and adventurous narratives. A sneak peek of new visual trends, expect eye-popping visuals, side-splitting fun and serene beauty. j-star favourite, director Satoshi Tomioka returns with brand new episodes of "Usavich", whilst Daito Manabe wires up people’s faces to electric pulses for comedic effect.

Other artists in this screening programme include Kitune Akimoto, Hidenobu Tanabe, Takeshi Nakamura [CAVIAR], Shintaro Kago, Mirai Mizue, Makoto Yabuki, Mood Magic, Takafumi Tsuchiya, Takahiro Kimura, WOW, Groovisions, Kawamura, Kirkland, Nakamura and Kakamura, Taijin Takeuchi, Horoaki Higashi, Muto Masashi, Kouki Tange and 12.

Approximate run time: 72 minutes