A screening programme that celebrates contemporary Japanese motion culture

Presenting the audiovisual blast from japan - a country renowned for its exquisite visual culture and relentless creative talent pool, which continues to produce some of the most surprising and inspiring music videos, motion graphics and animated shorts. A rare chance to delve into the future visions of some of the country’s finest moving image-makers and young trailblazers.

Artists in this screening programme include Fantasista Utamaro, Shane Lester, Takuya Hosogane, Ykbx, Kenichi Tanaka, Takafumi Tsuchiya [Takcom], Tanabe Hidenobu, Tetsumasa Saito, Hori Yasushi, Kazuya Sasahara, Junji Kojima [Teevee Graphics], Easeback, Teppei Maki, Qnq / Aujik, Tomoya Kimpara, Kouki Tange and Daihei Shibata.

Approximate run time: 73 minutes