A screening programme dedicated to the female directors in the industries

Eclectic gems from female directors currently leading the way in animation. This programme aims to give a wider platform to both emerging and established practitioners in this multifaceted creative field. From documentaries to code driven audio reaction, children’s blocks to charmingly engaging kinetic sculpture, 2d naivety, and delicate 3d a mix talent is showcased.

Artists in this screening programme include Julia Pott, Veronika Obertova, Joanna Lurie, Vanessa Marzaroli, Hyebin Lee, Kris Hofmann, Emma Lazenby, Jorinna Scherle, Marie-Margaux Tsakiri-Scanatovits, Melanie Lukhaup, George Wu, Carolina Melis , Alessandro Monaco, Mirrorshade, Lucy Izzard, Champagne Valentine and Lucy McCrae.

Approximate run time: 76 minutes