london transport museum: sense and the city

A series of educational events inspired by the "Sense and the City" exhibition

onedotzero produced a dynamic series of educational events in partnership with London Transport Museum. Inspired by the "Sense and the City" exhibition, the workshop, screenings and panel discussions were designed to illuminate, educate, challenge and inspire.

Sense and the City: a smart, connected and on the move project that revealed the digital future. Through a dynamic program of events, Sense and the City encouraged discussion about mobility, society and work in the Capital over the next decade whilst comparing this with past visions of the future.

onedotzero put together four events that explored key themes from the exhibition in depth. We invited featured artists and leading practioners to take part in panel discussions, film screenings, presentations and workshops.

How we were involved

Play and the City - Artist Presentation:
Mobile devices and social media are having a dramatic impact on the way we use our city. Technology designed for navigation and communication purposes is being subverted by artists and gamers who seek alternative urban adventures.

Guest Speakers: Julianne Pierce, Executive Producer at Blast Theory - one of the most adventurous artists' groups using interactive media; Alex Fleetwood, Founder and Director of Hide&Seek - the game design studio dedicated to inventing new kinds of play.

Both speakers are well versed in the art of pervasive gaming and shared stories and examples from their own ground-breaking projects to demonstrate how mobile and social networking tools can transform a city into an interactive playground.
Shane Walter, Founder and Director of onedotzero, introduced the evening and lead an audience Q+A session following the presentations.

Data Hack Day - Workshop: 
This workshop provided an opportunity to delve into the beautiful and instructive world of data visualisation for a whole day at the London Transport Museum. onedotzero and partners Protein brought together anyone a little nerdy with a love of facts, stats, data and great design. Designers, developers, techies and competent amateurs were all welcomed.

The City as a Canvas - Panel Discussion
Increasingly new technologies such as projection mapping, augmented reality and geo-tagging are being used to transform public and private city spaces. Artists and industry leaders from the worlds of art, architecture and advertising presented and discussed imaginative digital interventions, which embroider, invade and subvert urban surfaces.

Guest Speakers: Usman Haque, Director - Haque Design + Research Ltd; Kevin Brown, Digital Director - Brothers and Sisters; Sam Hoey, Studio Manager - Jason Bruges Studio

Future Cities - Screening with artist Q+A:
An eclectic selection of short films, animations and motion graphics that present evocative visions of future city living. Juxtaposing utopian fantasies against nightmarish dystopias, Future Cities highlights the obsession today’s image makers have with the possible metropolis of tomorrow. The screening was introduced by onedotzero and was followed by a discussion with guest filmmakers.