nec papero assistant animation

Dentsu tasked onedotzero with directing and producing a fun and engaging informative animation for NEC

onedotzero directed and produce an animation for an internal explainer video for NEC's 'PaPeRo' (Parter Type Personal Robot) working with Dentsu, Tokyo.

The 2-minute animation features a personal robot for the businesses to internally and externally help clients, staff and customers.

onedotzero worked with Chris Lloyd on the design and animation, based on his previous work for an NEC project.

He brought his unique, colourful and playful style to the project, creating an engaging robot persona that instantly makes a connection with the viewer.

The scenes and settings were typically Japanese and excited with visual cues that capture the essence of key Japanese locations and activities centered around an izakaya restaurant.

The aim was to create an informative video for internal training that was fun and engaging and had the ability to impart key details in a memorable and enjoyable manner.

It has become a key tool for NEC staff to communicate this new approach to systems management with great success.