New British Talent

A screening programme celebrating new talent in moving image by creatives from the British Isles

BBC film network presents moving image work by the bright sparks and up-and-coming talent from the UK’s filmmaking scene, spanning cutting edge documentary, lo fi animation and tongue-incheek horror. Includes Reza Dolatabadi’s epic animation "Khoda", constructed from over 6,000 individual paintings and painstakingly produced over two years. new british talent is curated in collaboration with the BBC’s interactive showcase for british filmmakers.

Other artists in this screening programme include Kirk Hendry, Laurie Hill, James Lees, Joe Tucker, Felix Massie, Phil and Olly, Lottie White, William Barr, Tom Mansfield, Julia Pott, James Willis, Lucy Tcherniak, Paul Campion, Joe Tucker, Tom Judd and Justin A Waite.

Approximate run time: 71 minutes