An adult-rated screening programme for the daring and adventurous

Following the success of last year's fright-filled programme, Nightfall returns with another adult-rated dose of some of the more extreme, leftfield and damn scary entries into this year's festival programme. From gaming-edged horror and sci-fi weirdness to trippy psychedelia and unusual erotica, an alternative viewing pleasure for the wildly adventurous.

Artists included in this screening programme are Martin de Thurah, Sandro, Guy Verge Wallace, Cederic Nicolas-Troyan, Paul Alexandre, Dara Cazamea, Maxime Cazaux, Romain Delauney, Laurent Monner, Richard Payne, Matt Devine, Sune Reinhardt, Zeitguised, Dim Mak, Lernert and Sander, JWT Paris, James Wignall, Saam Farahmand, Douglas Burgdoff, Error Videos, Guillaume Parra, Carole Chanal, Ga'tan Baldy, Stuart Aitken, Ben Abdallah, Megaforce, David Lewandowski and Clement Deneux.

Approximate run time: 80 minutes