nike art of speed

a nike commission for short films and innovative events

Nike commissioned a series of short films under the title Art of Speed. They wanted to launch this in the European market to an opinion-forming and highly creative audience, communicating Nike's obsession with speed and demonstrating Nike's innovation. Nike wanted to deliver the films in a fully immersive environment that was fresh and unexpected.

A cross media approach was developed, featuring event, film and online activities. Two launch events were devised and produced by onedotzero, one public and one private within the onedotzero8 festival at London's ICA.

onedotzero curated a custom-made screening programme for the event with directors Q&A within specially themed rooms, which played out to a creatively packed audience. An interactive online microsite was also produced to further support the event, featuring the films and filmed interviews with selected directors.

The events reached capacity - 1,000 audience numbers - reaching the client's targets across the creative industries to foster strong word of mouth.

The microsite was heavily linked to, and featured in, a variety of online media and magazines, achieving a high volume of traffic worldwide.