nike make it count animation

An animation for Nike+ FuelBand with BAFTA winning director Mikey Please

Agency Not Actual Size tasked onedotzero with researching and selecting animation talent for a Nike film around their Fuel Band product. We worked closely with Mikey Please to develop a moving piece following direction from the agency:

Question: How do we inspire people to want to earn NikeFuel with their Nike+ FuelBand? Answer: Easy – show them that “everything counts”.

In order to do this, onedotzero selected and worked with BAFTA-award-winning animator Mikey Please to bring this Nike+ FuelBand concept to life through stop-motion animation. In the finished film, our protagonist Chris starts to see potential fuel in everything – from doing the laundry to taking out the trash – all to the bewilderment of his friends. The point? Well, if someone like Chris can do it – so can you…