now gallery: art party

celebrating now gallery’s first birthday and alex chinneck’s straight jacket star jumps sculpture.

NOW Gallery celebrated its one year anniversary with a unique art-party themed NOW Later – a free evening of interactive art installations, short films and music.
In collaboration with onedotzero and WorldWide FM, NOW Gallery presented an evening of audiovisual interventions that question perceptions of the city and discuss themes of urbanism.

New online radio station Worldwide FM curated the evening's soundtrack, including a live music performance by South African electronica and hip hop music collective Christian Tiger School and DJ set by Will LV (Brownswood).

onedotzero created a moving light based response to Alex Chinneck’s sculptural installation Straight jacket star jumps in collaboration with DCLX lighting suppliers. The coiled, steel electricity pylon that fills the central gallery space were subjected to a dramatic transformation, harnessing the energy on display and translating it into a play of shadows and light. Both the space and the sculpture were animated with an array of sensitive lighting that reinforces and champions this wonderful and playful work.

The interventions continued in the Tom Dixon-designed penthouse above the gallery with a series of screen-based games and standalone interactive artworks and objects curated by onedotzero to complement the stunning design and reinterpret the intended experience of the specific living spaces. Featured artists include Cinimod Studio, Richard Hogg, ustwo, David Hedberg and Robin Baumgarten. Plus, NOW Gallery’s boardroom was transformed beyond recognition with a brand new interactive acoustic installation by the multi award winning composer, sound designer, artist and audio specialist Nick Ryan.

onedotzero presents a 30-minute programme of short films and animations curated for NOW Gallery, with a continued exploration of onedotzero’s fascination with the city. More here

Beautifully illustrated looping clips of architectural environments, from futuristic cityscapes to humorous real-life stories. With work by Carl Burton, deepblue networks, Guillaume Kurkdjian and Valeriya Sanchillo aka. Waneella.

Photos from the event can be found in onedotzero's facebook album.