onedotzero was a major part of Nuit Blanche in Paris, commissioning a new UVA installation and programming a night of screenings and live av shows

onedotzero were invited to curate a series of live audio-visual events, installations and screenings for the presigious Nuit Blanche in Paris. Nuit Blanche translates as 'white night' in English. This is an annual all-night cultural festival in Paris where art works and installations takes over and interact with the city. The festival lasts from sundown until sunrise on the first Saturday and Sunday in October.

onedotzero commissioned Triptych, the premiere of a new interactive installation by UVA. Triptych's trio of LED light panels created a spectacular contrast against the classical architecture of the Louvre and the facades of the two hotels in the surrounding Place du Palais Royal.  This project was a development from a previous onedotzero commissioned project called Monolith that was created for the onedotzero curated Friday Late Event, Transvision at the V&A Museum in London in 2006.

onedotzero also programmed a night of screening programmes and live-audiovisual shows at Terrain Cardinet, including the premiere of new work by Flat-E and performances by Exceeda and D-Fuse.

The night attracted almost 2 million people with onedotzero's participation proving to be among the most popular of the night.

Download the Nuit Blanche 2007 brochure