onedotzero X The Roundhouse : The Creative Challenge workshop

Following a successful workshop in April at the Roundhouse, part of ongoing audience sessions for the Tower of London, we were excited to return to the Roundhouse in July to host the Creative Challenge, a two-day workshop for 11 - 14 year olds.

As well as being an incredible live performance venue The Roundhouse is also committed to making digital technology accessible to young people. With that in mind, our aim with the Creative Challenge was to teach our young participants how to use technology, sound and visuals to create their very own interactive story telling machines.

Let’s Build an Interactive Story Machine

Day 1 was focused on inspiring participants, sharing key insights into storytelling techniques and technologies, as well as giving them hands-on experience with OTOTO kits. By the end of Day 1 the participants were split into three groups of five and given their brief.

Day 2 was an intensive session of video and sound production with the aim to create 6 pieces of content for the interactive story machine.

We were truly blown away by the level of talent and enthusiasm from the groups, who stopped at nothing to create unique and humorous content to deliver their stories; ranging from tax dodging penguins to shapeshifting baristas to rainbow guitarists who control minds with music.

A big thank you to all the participants, our hosts at The Roundhouse, Yuri Suzuki and the team at Dentaku for the OTOTO kits and Resolume for providing us with software.